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Review: Walking Miracle

“Walking Miracle,” the new song from Katrina Atkinson is a big deal for two obvious reasons:

1.) it glorifies the name of the Lord, and 2.) it…simply… sounds good. Really good. Like, summertime, convertible drive, fresh lemonade in the cup-holder, good. Like too good to be truly about God, though Katrina makes it clear, that it’s just that — truly about God. She does a brilliant job at melding the message with the melody, which I find so often is not the case. Usually the melody is either too much and the message is lost, or the message is so aggressive that the only option is to either turn the music off, or fall asleep. But while listening to “Walking Miracle,” you’ll only want to turn it up and sing. It will literally stir you, and smear a smile across your face as wide as the world. Why? Because Katrina has tapped into a thing that we all can relate to. Being a walking miracle isn’t a solitary crown that only she wears. It’s the title we all hold, each and every one of us, dealing with the pitstops and pitfalls that come with this human experience. Yes, Katrina Atkinson has written OUR song.

Jason Reynolds, Writer

  1. This song is beautiful simply beautiful….

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