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RSW Records has released Katrina Atkinson’s single Walking Miracle

RSW Records has released Katrina Atkinson’s debut hit Walking Miracle! We know that many people can connect to her song and have their own testimony.  Katrina wants to hear how you are a Walking Miracle, so please share your story with her below!

  1. As with most of us, life often takes unplanned twists and turns. Human nature often places us in circumstances where we feel as if opportunities that are missed will never come around again. Luckily for us, God is not human. I have loved to cook since I could remember. I often dreamed about being a chef in a fancy French restaurant in Paris as a young boy. However, as I was on my way to culinary school at 18 years old, life happened and that chapter of my life had to be closed. 13 years later, I have found myself in a very good career in clinical research and 2 college degrees. I am very thankful and blessed, but not very happy. My job is well paying, but it is one that I do not love. “ I did this to myself” I say. “I’m 31, that dream of cooking is over”. Well ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you something….31 years to God is a blink of an eye. While dinning at one of my favorite restaurants last month I asked the manager (who I am very good friends with) did he have any PT work for me, as my wife and I are planning to buy a house in the near future. The owner of the restaurant happened to be there and he said I could ask her directly. I asked her could I clean tables or be a waiter. Then she goes, “I’m sorry, I just hired 3 new waiters….but I am in need of a cook. Do you cook?” IT IS NEVER TOO LATE FOR GOD TO SHOW UP!!!! For the past month I have worked 50+ hour weeks as a full time clinical researcher and a PT cook and I LOVE IT! My wife and I are in the works now of deciding how to turn the PT job into a full time career. God is so faithful and works on his perfect timing. A delay does not mean it’s over. If God said it and it is in his will, you better believe that it will happen.

    Matthew Carter

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